7 Most Stolen Car Parts And Accessories In Nigeria

 Thieves are not just interested in the valuables you leave inside your car; they are also after your car parts. There are specific car parts that are very catchy to thieves and they can go extreme lengths to have them.

Stealing a whole car is a very risky job to pull through, most thieves resort to stealing parts that can easily be hidden and sold off. To them, it’s easier than stealing the whole car.

These thieves that steal car parts are not just seen roaming on the streets, a lot of them flock the seaport and are ever ready to devour a car being shipped into the country.

Some of the parts they steal are very costly and scarce in the country and the demands are on the high side. They just steal, sell and make their bucks. They can always sell them in Ladipo market; getting buyers isn’t the problem.

These are the 7 most stolen car parts and accessories in Nigeria.


1. Catalytic converters:

This is the top item on our list. Every car is meant to come with a catalytic converter. It can be found in the exhaust system and its work is to convert harmful compounds from the exhaust into harmless or less harmful ones. It is sad that some car dealers are among the perpetrators of catalytic converter thieving. One scape goat in unknowingly enter their net.
This is another reason why you should contact Autojosh for your car inspection before purchase. Don’t be a victim.

catalytic converter


2. Car entertainment system:

This was one of the most stolen car parts back in the days. It’s no hard job for thieves once they make it into the car. The story is gradually changing for later car models as it is not that easy to be tampered with. The easily stolen entertainment systems like the detachable radios are gradually phasing out.

car radio

3. Car Logos and Badges:

Getting off a logo is not a very huge task for most thieves; except they are reinforced. The logos are not hidden and they can be forcefully detached by serious thieves. As simple as they might look, they can be pricey. Other badges like football club badges that worth something to you can as well be ripped off from your car

car logos

4. Batteries:

Once a thief gets access into your hood, this is mainly their target. Battery is one of the few things thieves can easily disappear with. They can add your dipstick as bonus. Ensure you always park your car in a safe spot, especially at night.

car battery

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5. Jack, wheel spanner and C-Caution:

This is a very common practice at the port. The very smart thieves have their ways of taking away the jacks and wheel spanners in the cars shipped into the country. Other valuables that must have come with the car are not exempted; they carry them as well.

6. Wheels:

The wheels are among the car parts stolen mostly at night. The wheel is made up of a tyre and a rim. A serious thief can target a car and make away with all the wheels. A car that is parked in a less secured environment are mostly targeted.

7. Footmats:

This is the least of them all. Some hungry hoodlums or crazy kleptomaniac can take this out of your car.

car mat

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